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Livestock Entries:

Entries will be hand written on an entry form during their designated tag-in date and time.  Forms must be complete before an animal can receive a TNLS tag.  Tag-in dates for each species can be found below.


Tag in Dates:

Steers, Commercial Heifers, Lambs & Goats: 

                 October 13, 2022 @ Fairgrounds @ 5-7pm

Second weigh-in will be 14 days later for steers that did not make weigh-in at 500 pounds minimum at 1st weigh-in.

Weight limits for second weigh-in will be an additional 2 lbs per day from 1st to 2nd weigh-in.


                December 8, 2022 5pm -7pm or purchase tags from Extension office or Ag Teacher.

                        Animals will be tagged at their location December 9, 2022.

Rabbits Entry & Ear Tattoo Date: ** All rabbits  will be tattooed on this date. No home tattooing.
Breed Date: December 19, 2022

      DATE CHANGE!!! ATTENTION  ***  Tattoo Date: Feb 23, 2023 4-6 pm

*Only market animals are required to be tagged in on the date and time shown above.  Breeding animals do not have to be tagged in prior to show!*

Broiler Orders:

             December 8, 2022 at Fairgrounds Birds will be $1.75each (tentatively)  in lots of 25 birds.

Pick Up: 
              Feburary 17, 2023, be prepared for 2pm or later. updates will be posted on our Facebook page.

Sweetheart Practice: Must attend one of the two listed.  Packet can be found in Documents In December

Packets are due January 13, 2023


Trinity-Neches Livestock Show & Rodeo:

                March 28-31, 2023 @ Fairgrounds

             -for specific times and events check the TNLS rulebook under the documents tab

Important Dates

Last updated: 8/9/2021

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