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Letter to the Exhibitor

This document is for all Trinity-Neches Livestock Show exhibitors to review. Click on the image to retrieve the document.

Daily Schedule

This document is an outline of activities planned over the course of the week of the Trinity-Neches Livestock Show. Click on the image to retrieve the document.


Rules, Regulations, and Entry Fee Information

This document contains the rules and regulations that all Trinity-Neches Livestock Show attendees must follow at all times.  Also included are the entry fee information and heifer affidavit. Please become familiar with this document. Click on the image to retrieve the document.

Rodeo Sweetheart Packet

This document is for all interested in the TNLS Sweetheart Competition. Click on the image to retrieve the document.


TNLS Entry Form and Liability

This document MUST be printed double sided or it will not be considered an offical Entry Form. Please contact your 4-H Leaders or Ag Science Teachers for any assistance with Entry Forms.

County Bred Form

Polk County Farm Bureau will reward the FFA and 4H participants of the Trinity-Neches Livestock show who exhibit Polk County bred and owned animals. Click on the image to retrieve the document.


Commercial Heifer Affidavit


The Trinity-Neches FFA & 4-H Livestock Show Board of Directors requires all commercial heifers entering the Trinity-Neches Livestock Show to be born from January 1 to March 31.


The breeder/seller must certify the birth date of the heifer sold by signing the affidavit. The affidavit is required to be turned in at tag-in to be eligible to compete in the show.

Watching the Rodeo

Youth Rodeo Release Document for those who will be participating in the 2023 Sweetheart or Rodeo Events.

Entry Application

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